In the Beginning

The London Chocolate Company started from a seed of an idea many years ago and was named after the beautiful city our company founder was so proud to be born in.

Being a big lover of chocolate all his life, it wasn't until a recent turn of events that allowed him to follow hs passion. He embarked on a voyage to discover the perfect taste and texture by spending many years of research until the decision was made on how his chocolate would taste.

By sourcing the highest quality ingredients from around the world and blending them for his friends and family to try he was able to perfect the finished product. It was only a matter of time before the London Chocolate Company was turned into a reality.


We source premium cocoa from West Africa, using ethical suppliers to suit the requirements of our customers.

All bars are made in England and is exclusively made to order. No produce is kept in storage so no loss of shelf life. Guaranteeing our customers have the product made as fresh as possible.

We also provide a range called 'our product your brand' allowing customers the quality of our profucts but wrapped in packaging of their choice with their company name or logo.

In the Future

Our current range of chocolates are sold in 70g bars with 30g and 100g planned. At the moment we currently focus on the three most popular flavours, dark, milk and white. This is soon set to expand with an exciting new range of flavours due for launch over the next 12 months.

We also make a range of chocolate buttons that we will be launching in 2014.